Terms of payment

 Installment payments are not allowed on the tulipanob2b website. The following payment methods are possible:

A) Bank transfer;

B) Credit or debit cards of various banking circuits;

C) Paypal;

D) Payment on delivery;


· If the customer has chosen to make the payment by bank transfer, he will find on the order confirmation the information needed to make the payment with the bank details of the beneficiary T.L.P. Cooperative Society . The order will be prepared as soon as the transfer has been received from the beneficiary.

· If the Customer has chosen to make the payment with the credit cards available and indicated on-line, the payment must be made when the purchase order is forwarded. With regards to credit card payments, the site uses PayPal, which is one of the world's largest online payment gateway.

· Through PayPal you can make payments with all the most used credit cards, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Visa Electron, PostePay, Mastercard, American Express, Carta Aura, with funds from your account if you already have a PayPal account and with the PayPal card.


· If the credit card issuer refuses for any reason not authorizing or validating the payment, in such circumstances, T.L.P. COMPANY COOPERATIVA is not responsible for delays or failure to deliver the ordered products.

· In the absence of information necessary to complete the payment T.L.P. COMPANY COOPERATIVA reserves the right to automatically cancel the order.

· At no time during the purchase procedure T.L.P. SOCIETA COOPERATIVA is able to know the information related to the credit card and the credit card number of the purchaser or the financial, patrimonial and personal information of the Customer. This is in fact transmitted via a secure connection directly to the portal of the bank or financial company at the time of confirmation by the Customer. The T.L.P. COMPANY COOPERATIVE therefore in no case is responsible and can be held responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards that can be made by third parties during the purchase and payment of products.

· If the Customer has chosen to purchase through the Paypal payment methods, he, at the end of the order, is directed to the Paypal login page. The amount relating to the order is debited to the Paypal account at the time the order is acquired. In case of cancellation of the order that is operated by the Customer or that is not accepted by T.L.P. COOPERATIVE COMPANY, the amount will be refunded to the Customer's Paypal account.

· If the Customer has chosen to purchase through the cash-on-payment method, the cost of this service of 4 € will be charged. Cash on delivery cannot be used for orders over € 2999.99. Upon delivery, the Customer must pay the courier the exact amount of the order as the courier cannot give change. Cash only.

· If the Customer cancels an order with credit card payment, bank transfer or Paypal, T.L.P. COMPANY COOPERATIVA will carry out the re-credit according to the same modalities chosen by the Customer which cannot request a variation of the same.


· The tulipanob2b site is secure, it uses SSL protocols. In the address bar you can see the padlock that confirms that the site is internationally certified.

· Security is guaranteed by the advanced technology used with data encryption on secure SSL servers.

· Always make sure that you are browsing protected pages by looking at the address bar of the browser that should always bear the padlock and each URL must always start with https: // both when you are on tulipanob2b.com and when you are on PayPal for payment.

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